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Trenches History

Finding Inspiration In Every Turn

Professional Boxer - Kendrick Watkins

Trenches History

In 2019, The Trenches Boxing and Fitness emerged from humble beginnings in a small garage situated on the Northside of Chicago. Through the passage of time, unwavering commitment, relentless effort, and the invaluable support of our community, The Trenches experienced continuous growth, marking the essence of our journey. Our roots lie in starting anew, from the ground up – a testament to our core ethos.


At The Trenches, our unwavering focus is on embarking on a journey from the very beginning, from ground zero. It matters not if you've never set foot in a gym before or if you began your fitness journey but found yourself veering off course. We comprehend the significance of recommencing and prevailing against all odds.

The array of offerings at The Trenches Boxing and Fitness encompasses athletic sports training, personalized guidance, boxing, and soon, the addition of CrossFit and more. Our establishment stands as an all-inclusive destination, catering to the diverse spectrum of fitness levels and aspirations. With an unyielding commitment, we are devoted to aiding you in attaining each of your objectives.

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